Looking to enrol yourself or your children for lessons with Alex Glew Music Eductaion? Here's the information:

- Lesson Duration and Payment: Enjoy 1/2hr lessons conveniently scheduled to follow the academic timetable. Lessons can be paid for on a half-termly basis or through direct debit.

- Free Trial Lesson: We highly recommend booking a free trial lesson before enrolling. Experience our teaching approach and ensure it's the right fit for you or your child's musical journey.

- Enquiries and Bookings: For more information about our lessons and services or to book your free trial lesson, please contact us. We're here to answer any questions and guide you through the enrolment process.

- Lesson Options and Pricing:

  - Private Lessons:

    - Individual: £17 per lesson

  - School Lessons:

    - Individual: £17 per lesson

  - Skype Lessons:

    - Individual: £17 per lesson

Take the first step towards musical growth and enjoyment by enrolling with Alex Glew Music. Contact us today to book your free trial lesson and embark on a rewarding musical journey.