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Guitar Basics


Good For: Young Beginners, Beginners Note Reading, Group Learning.

Everything your Child needs to start Learning Guitar.

Very Popular Book with both Teachers and Students.


" Guitar Basics is a landmark method for young guitarists. It starts at absolute beginner level and progresses to Initial/Preparatory Grade.

  The method is set out in sixteen stages and contains original pieces and traditional tunes in an array of styles including classical, folk and world music

as well as well-known favourite film and TV themes such as James Bond, Batman and The Flintstones.

 There is a thorough introduction to standard notation, with sections on chords and TAB, whilst ensemble pieces are ideal for group teaching,

including 'Wider Opportunities'. The enhanced CD provides accompaniment parts, teachers' notes and tips for parents which are easily downloaded,

or it can be simply used to play the fun backing tracks!"

 LCM Acoustic Step 1


Good For - Beginners Guitar Playing, Early Chord and Rhythm Playing, Beginners Guitar Pieces, Group Learning.

This Book Contains: Chords, Scales, Rhythm Studies and Pieces all at the Step 1 Level.

Excellent Beginner Guitar Book which sets the Learner up for Higher Grades.

Formerly known as RGT Acoustic Initial.

"This book is part of a series that forms an expertly structured and comprehensive method of studying acoustic guitar.

The book covers all the material needed for an LCM examination in Acoustic Guitar, enabling you to study for an internationally recognised qualification.

However, even if you do not intend to take an exam, this book will help you achieve your full potential as a guitarist by developing all aspects of your playing in a structured way."

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