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Here are the comments of some of the students/parents of those having piano and guitar lessons with Alex Glew:


“Georgia is enjoying her piano lessons. We are very pleased with her progress. She likes the mixture of learning modern songs and old classics. She is always keen to practice and enjoyed the experience of playing in the Christmas concert in front of an audience. She has developed in confidence. Thank you for your hard work Alex.”(Irene, on daughters piano lessons)

“Becky started piano lessons six months ago and has made excellent progress. Alex makes her feel at ease during lessons, he makes the lessons fun and Becky really enjoys herself. Alex gives Becky positive encouragement and feedback which makes Becky feel proud of herself.” (Debbie, daughter piano lessons)


“Lessons are good value and James has improved massively since attending. He enjoys the lessons immensely and it helps that he thrives on the connection you both have and your likeable character. Your approach to lessons works well for James. Thank you.”  (Maria, Son having guitar lessons)


“I am very pleased with the way Shannon’s piano lessons are going. Shannon enjoys her lessons and looks forrward each week and in my view first and foremost as long as she enjoys her piano that is the main thing. I am also very pleased with her progress.” (Wendy, Daughter learning piano)


“I thoroughly enjoy my lessons. Alex knows I am not interested in exams or a set curriculum and plans the lessons accordingly. He focuses on the music I most enjoy, whilst continuing to challenge me with levels of difficulty.” (Linda, Guitar)


“My Lessons are fun and enjoyable what ever he makes me play. Alex has immense patience and has a great way of teaching that helps you not only learn but more importantly makes the learning fun too! I would recommend him as a music teacher without hesitation.” (Annie, Guitar)


“I am thoroughly enjoying my piano lessons and am particularly pleased that I have the opportunity to work towards my grading. I like the variety of lessons and how I am learning different pieces in addition to scales and chords. Another good factor is the flexibility with work commitments.” (Laura, Piano)